Expatriate Graveyard

The Expatriate Graveyard is a reminder of the British colonial presence in Asaba. A resting place of seventeen (17) missionaries and

Otuogu Beach

Several creeks, rivers, and brooks keep the beach in place. It extends into several creeks before making it’s way into

Federal Medical Centre Asaba

Federal Medical Centre Asaba is a government owned medical centre. Known to be the most encompassing in the state capital. This

Ogbeogonogo Market

Ogbeogonogo Market is the biggest street market in Asaba, located in the heart of the town, close to the banks

Niger Bridge

Between 1964 and 1965, French construction giant, Dumez, constructed the Niger Bridge, with feasibility studies and design considerations carried out

Mungo Park House

Mungo Park House is a national monument that happened to be the first headquarters of the Royal Niger Company and