Saturday Night Party


If you are a hardcore football fan and your team has a match to secure that juicy three  points in the league and you want to see all the action, then Club Cocoon “Sports Lounge” is where you want to watch it all unfold.

Comfy seats, clean and beautiful scenery, chilled drinks, delicious grill, and the warm fellowship of your fellow or opposing club fan will be here to keep you engaged for the entire 90mins.

After 90mins of action, Karaoke hour takes the baton for the night. Now you can clear your head and your voice to evergreen and pop music, all to your merriment.

The night continues with good old Jazz music and undying Old Skool music hour.

Saturday nights should always be this fun.


Doors Open: 3pm (Every Saturdays)

For Reservations:08039480995


…for the social butterflies


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